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Google to launch music service 'imminently'

Google Audio nearing launch?
Google Audio nearing launch?

Google is set to launch its own music service "imminently", taking on the likes of Spotify and iTunes, according to reports.

TechCrunch was the first to break the news, mentioning that "multiple sources" have told them that Google is prepping something called Google Audio – a service which is set to emulate what the company has already launched in China.

Free music?

Although news is scant on Google's music plans, if the service is similar to its Chinese counterpart, then users will be able to search for songs by a variety of means (singer, song or album title) on Google's search page. Once the music they want is found, they will be able to download licensed music files for free.

Unfortunately for the UK, it seems that if the service does launch soon, then it may be US-only.

Supplying music for free seems to be the key to making the music industry work at the moment. And if this is Google's plans for Google Audio, then it will go up against the likes of Spotify, which offers free music albeit with a number of ad interruptions.

We will keep you posted on news if and when we have it.

Via TechCrunch

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