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Google stats show 71% increase in UK takedown requests

Google transparency shows 71% increase in UK takedown requests"
Google's interactive transparency map

Google has updated its well received transparency report – indicating which governments have asked it to take down content in the first half of 2011.

The Google transparency report is aimed at showing what information is controlled by governments across the globe – although there are certain limitations.

Among the revelations are the fact that Google refused all but two of the takedown requests from the Chinese government.

Interestingly, Google adds: "We have withheld details about one request because we have reason to believe that the Chinese government has prohibited us from full disclosure."

UK stats

In the UK we are told that "The number of content removal requests we received increased by 71% compared to the previous reporting period."

The breakdown shows that 135 YouTube videos were asked to be taken for National Security reasons, three for violence and one for hate speech.

Privacy and security accounted for requests for 157 items taken down, with 32 requests from police and six court orders issued, whilst defamation saw five court orders and one other request attempt to force 16 items off the net.

You can check out more detail at the privacy report; it's certainly a fascinating glimpse behind the curtain.

Patrick Goss

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