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Google's UK Wi-Fi data has been deleted

Don't wave - he may be stealing your emails!
Don't wave - he may be stealing your emails!

The unsecured Wi-Fi data that Google collected from people in the UK through its Street View cars has been deleted.

The UK Information Commisioner's Office [ICO] has confirmed that Google has deleted the information – which the search giant ahs always insisted was collected erroneously.

"We can confirm that the UK data has now been deleted, and that this has been independently certified," Google told the BBC.

Third party deletion

Sensibly, a third-party company – Stroz Friedberg – carried out the deletion, which has been welcomed by the ICO.

Google found itself in global hot water for its collection of data – with Street View cars not only taking the photos that make up the mapping service but also collecting information through unsecured Wi-Fi in homes.

Google blamed legacy code for the collection and apologised, but many governments reacted furiously to the breach in privacy.

Not, however, the ICO – which then found itself criticised for what was perceived as a soft reaction to the revelations.


Patrick Goss

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