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Google Music Store pops up in Android

Google Music Store pops up in Android
Just what the world needs, another MP3 store

As if we weren't already aware that Google is about to launch an online music store, little hints have begun popping up in Android.

It seems that when some users try and access the cloud storage locker ( from an Android phone, they're seeing a new page that offers them the option to "shop millions of songs in Android Market".

Songs? In Android Market? That's right folks, Google's playing a whole new iTunes-alike ball game – although the link to actually go and shop for songs in the Android Market didn't work.

No worky

There's also a link to "Get Android App" which takes users to the Google Music Beta app – although good luck getting that to work in the UK – but it's possible that in the long run this will take you to a more fully-featured music app as rumours have been suggesting.

Rumours around a new Google Music have been swirling with greater intensity over the last few weeks, with some sources suggesting a new music sales service will launch in the next few weeks.

Other speculation has risen that the Music Store will come with Google+ functionality and the ability to share music via email.

Via News on Droid and TechCrunch

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