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Google Maps lets you wander inside buildings

Google Maps lets you wander INSIDE buildings
Google Maps comic version

Google Maps are now apparently venturing into buildings, with a foray into businesses letting you nose around behind the front doors of high street shops.

Business Photos on StreetView allow you to use the now familiar arrows to wander into the store and take a look around.

There's a few examples – including a comic book store in California and businesses in the UK can apply for inclusion.

2010 applications

Apparently, Google started asking for applicants in 2010, but it's only now that the lucky few are arriving in Google Maps.

It's another step along the, ahem, map for Google, although obviously it is unlikely to be poking its lens in your letterbox any time soon.

Google is clearly pushing forward in its goal of soaking up every bit of information on the planet, and on occasions its maps project has landed it the wrong side of communities and even governments.

However, it's hard not to find it a little cool to wander into a comic store on the other side of the planet and check out the latest titles.

Although obviously it would be even better if the pictures were live. Too much?

Via PCWorld

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