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Google Maps blamed for stolen fish

Because nobody would assume that a massive garden and an eight foot fence *might* harbour a fish pond right?

Google Maps is being used by thieves to target properties likely to have fish ponds and expensive Koi Carp – according to Humberside Police at least.

Amusingly, a Police Community Support Officer for Humberside picked out the Google overhead images as a reason for ponds being discovered and raided for fish.

"Google shows what is in your garden and you can see people's ponds," said PCSO Sam Gregory.

A fishy tale

"One of the properties targeted has an eight foot fence and is set back from the road. The pond is in the corner and can't be seen," he added.

"Unless you were standing right next to the wall, you wouldn't be able to hear the running water."

Of course, Google has responded by pointing out that it is not the only provider of map images.

Mind you, should the search giant ever decide to do a Google Audio Maps then they should probably fit a bubbling water filter, just in case those sneaky fish thieves catch onto a whole new method.

Via Telegraph

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