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Google looks to GetMo to get UK web mobilised

Google looks to GetMo to get UK web mobilised
Got to get me some of GetMo

Google has unveiled a new site dedicated to spreading the news about the mobile web, with GetMo offering up everything companies need to know about all things mobile.

There's no getting round the fact that the world and his wife are embracing the mobile world, with smartphones and tablets a mainstay for most consumers - you only have to look at the madness of the new iPad launch to see this.

So it makes sense for websites to have a mobile-optimised version and this is where GetMo comes in.

A UK extension of GoMo, the site offers tools and advice for businesses which want to embrace the mobile market.

Smartphone explosion

Speaking about the new site, Google's director of mobile advertising for Europe Ian Carrington, said: "As the smartphone explosion continues, more consumers are looking to engage with brands by searching for them on their mobile phone.

"Yet the majority of businesses don't have mobile sites or a mobile strategy for connecting with them."

"Businesses need to get mobile in order to provide a positive user experience for their customers. At the moment, business are not keeping up with consumers."

If you fancy a bit of mobile action, then head on over to

Via The Guardian

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