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Google launches new 'edition' of Book Search

Google launches new 'edition' of online Book Search
Google launches new 'edition' of online Book Search

A new 'edition' of Google's Book Search service launches this week, making it easier to find and share content from the search giant's massive archive of online literature and magazines.

Google Book Search will help you find the specific quote or nugget of information you want from a title to share with the rest of the internet.

Eng Lit made easy

"Today, we're launching a host of new features in Google Books that give you more ways to browse and share the content from the Google Books collection," notes Google Product Manager Brandon Badger.

"For example, we've added a feature that allows you to embed previews of books in your blog or website, so you can share pages of your favorite books as easily as you would a YouTube video. We've also added a thumbnail view of full book and magazine pages and an improved way to search within books.

Whether or not the upgraded service will be of use to anybody other than Eng Lit students and lecturers remains to be seen.

You can get more info on all the new Google Book Search features over on the Inside Google Book Search blog