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Google Drive cloud storage to launch in April?

Google Drive cloud storage to launch in April?
Mythical cloud storage could become reality

Rumours of Google's cloud storage service, dubbed Google Drive, have been rumbling for literally years but it looks as though a launch date may be in sight at last.

Google Drive, or Gdrive to its hipster friends, is said to be nearing a launch in the first week of April 2012.

It seems that Google plans to offer 1GB of storage for free, while greater capacity will come with a price tag attached. The interface is said to echo that of Google Docs, and there'll be an API for third party apps so you can store content from external apps using the service too.

Drive Angry

The word comes from GigaOm, whose "well placed sources" are familiar with the company's plans – but come with caveats given the chequered past Google Drive has had.

The first time we heard tell of a cloud storage service from Google was six years ago – March 2006 to be exact – when a leaked presentation from the search giant spoke specifically of "Gdrive".

Since then, rumours of a launch have come and gone – most recently in February of this year – but none have yet come to fruition.

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