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Google designs infinite digital bookcase

Google designs infinite digital bookcase
Still not enough room for your books Mr Clarkson - sorry

Google has designed what it is calling an 'infinite digital bookcase' to run in modern browsers, allowing it to showcase the 10,000 titles in Google Books in a fascinating new user interface.

A blog post explains the thinking behind the bookcase, which aims to translate traditional media into a virtual bookcase.

"A digital interface needs to be familiar enough to be intuitive, while simultaneously taking advantage of the lack of constraints in a virtual space," explained Google.

Redundant bookends

"In this case, we imagined something that looks like the shelves in your living room, but is also capable of showcasing the huge number of titles available online—many more than fit on a traditional shelf.

"With this in mind, we designed a digital bookcase that's an infinite 3D helix. You can spin it side-to-side and up and down with your mouse. It holds 3D models of more than 10,000 titles from Google Books."

It's certainly cool to have a play with, and you can check it out (if your browser and computer can cope) at

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