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Google Chrome browser updated

CrankShaft makes Chrome v.8 twice as fast

Google has announced updates to its Chrome web browser to make it faster slicker and simpler than ever before.

The first update brings Google Instant to the url bar, which sees entire webpages load by simply typing the first letter of one of your favourite sites into the address bar.

This builds on the Google Search Instant functionality, which refines search results as you type and launched earlier this year on Chrome and other browsers like Firefox.

PDF Reader

Developers have also added a lightning fast Google Chrome PDF reader, which opens massive documents within the blink of an eye. The example shown at the event was a 19,000 page Healthcare Reform Document, which appeared instantly.

The browser has also had a graphical hardware overhaul to allow 3D environments to be rendered superbly and efficiently.

It has also added a CrankShaft update to v.8 of the browser which makes it up to 2x faster and 100x faster than the IE browsers of two years ago.

300 per cent growth

There have also been updates to the security of the browser as well as an improved date syncing option to improve the simplicity of using the browser.

At the Google Event in San Francisco, it was was also revealed that Chrome has experienced a 300 per cent growth since January 2010. There are now 120m users.