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Google Chrome browser hits 200 million users

Google Chrome browser hits 200 million users
Google - in the money

In a Google earnings call this week, CEO Larry Page announced that the company's Chrome web browser has sailed past the 200 million download mark.

Although Page didn't reveal how many of those who downloaded were active users, the numbers are impressive – and echo the news in July that it had surpassed Firefox as the number two browser in the UK.

Billionaire baby

Google's earnings call was unsurprisingly full of big numbers, including the news that there are now 190 million Android phones out in the wild, 40 million users are logging into Google+ and the company had to up its employee account by 10 per cent.

There are now 31,353 full-time, probably smiling, employees of Google.

When it comes to how much spare change Google has in its pocket, it was announced that its net income is now $2.73 billion, up from $2.17 billion in 2010 and revenue is $9.72 billion – a whopping 33 per cent jump year on year.

Google also announced this week that the long-awaited update to Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, now has a launch date of 19 October.

Marc Chacksfield

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