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Foursquare checks out of Google Maps

Foursquare checks out of Google Maps
Mayor of Open Source mapping

Foursquare has turned its back on Google Maps and will use OpenStreetMap going forward, although the company insists that this is because the open-source maps are a 'better fit'.

In a blog post, foursquare announces that it has made the change, moving away from the Google Maps API that it has used for so long.

"Starting today, we're embracing the OpenStreetMap movement, so all the maps you see when you go to will look a tiny bit different (we think the new ones are really pretty). Other than slightly different colors and buttons, though, foursquare is still the same site you know and love," explained the blog.


Foursquare, which has been under pressure from both Facebook's Places and, of course, Google Latitude, admits that costs started the look for a new map API, but insists that it is no compromising on quality.

"When we initially began looking around for other map providers, we found some incredibly strong alternatives," added the blog.

"And while the new Google Maps API pricing was the reason we initially started looking into other solutions, we ultimately ended up switching because, after all our research and testing, OpenStreetMap and MapBox was simply the best fit for us."

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