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Five year jail threat over banking Tweet

Jeanfer - facing prison
Jeanfer - facing prison

A Guatemalan man is facing a five-year jail sentence for a message on Twitter calling for his fellow countrymen to withdraw cash from the nationalised rural bank.

According to PA, Jean Anleu sent a message that suggested that the banking system was corrupt, and could now be sent down for five years.

"First concrete action should be take cash out of Banrural and bankrupt the bank of the corrupt," said Anleu's tweet under the alias Jeanfer.


This apparently did not go down well with the government, who arrested Anleu, with prosecutor Genaro Pacheco suggesting that his message 'illegally undermined public trust in Guatemala's banking system'

Anleu's lawyer thinks that the government is making an example of his client, saying: "Clearly, the message was: Watch out, any of you guys that want to post messages, this can happen to you. ... It was a dissuasive measure."

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