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Five unveils embedded streaming shows

Five - now you can embed Neighbours
Five - now you can embed Neighbours

Five has announced that it will allow people to embed full episodes of their favourite shows from the television channel on their websites, using the popular Brightcove video player.

Five's syndicated player initiative will be appearing later in the year, and will see anyone with a web page that can utilise the Brightcove platform (which won't exclude many) sticking up full episodes of the channel's shows.

Five says that this will give it the ability to expand the distribution of long-form ad-supported video content online and generate more advertising revenue.


"Five's syndicated player initiative significantly extends the reach of our online video programming in a way that is secure, high-quality, and generates additional advertising revenue," said Paul Thornton-Jones, Five's digital controller.

"With Brightcove, Five has been able to launch the ambitious catch-up online video offering in a very short amount of time, despite the complex distribution and monetization requirements."

The shows that people will be able to put out include Five News (with Natasha Kaplinsky, of course) Milkshake! and even Neighbours.

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