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Facial recognition on its way to Facebook photos

Facebook facial recognition
Facebook facial recognition on its way

Facebook is rolling out a facial recognition tool in order to make tagging your photos a little bit easier.

By grouping similar faces together, the new feature will offer you a list of possible posers when you go to tag a photo, saving you the hassle of typing (or remembering) friends' names yourself.

Facebook claims that over 100 million photographs are uploaded to the social network every day, so there's not shortage of face-types to draw on.


How effective facial recognition will be on the more unusual poses remains to be seen; and no doubt there are some comedy moments waiting to be had when Facebook suggests that your sister be tagged as your gran.

The incorporation of facial recognition comes as part of an ongoing effort to improve photo-sharing on the social network. As Facebook's vice president of product Chris Cox told cnet, "We wanted to make our photos product not suck."

Just days after founder Mark Zuckerberg was named Time magazine's Person of 2010, Facebook is planning a gradual rollout for the facial recognition tool with 5% of users set to receive it next week.

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