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Facebook tests read-it-later feature and updates photo viewer

Facebook tests read-it-later feature and updates photo viewer
These photos are about the standard we usually post, yeah

Facebook has been tinkering away behind the scenes, adding a read-it-later feature to its mobile apps and an updated photo viewer to the desktop site.

The reader feature has only rolled out to a lucky few iOS-using Facebookers and is clearly a part of the site's strategy to become more newsy, joining 'trending stories' in the news feed.

"Press and hold anywhere on a story to save it for later," the new feature instructs and once you've done that, saved stories can be found in an exciting new folder called 'Saved' in the main mobile menu.

Saving up

And don't worry, saved stories are kept private so no one will know that you're obsessively tracking the K-Stew/R-Patz break-up. Or, you know, proper news.

No need to feel left out, desktop users - you'll soon be benefitting from Facebook's latest photo viewing tweaks.

You'll start seeing bigger photos laid out in a pleasing tiled design in the Photos tab of your profile, as well as having the quick and easy option to highlight your most flattering shots.

The photo update is rolling out to all desktop Facebook users from today.

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