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Facebook sees 7.5m 'drop' in new monthly active users

Active members takes a hit; usual blip or privacy to blame?
Active members takes a hit; usual blip or privacy to blame?

Facebook saw a dramatic drop in new active users in June.

The social network was visited by just 320,800 active members from the United States, down from 7.8 million in May, according to figures released by Inside Facebook.

Blame could be pointed at Facebook becoming saturated in the States, but the media backlash to its new privacy settings may well have caused the considerable decline in visits.

Facebook blip?

Facebook's largest demographic, the 18-44 age range, visited the site less during June, but users of other ages, which represent a smaller audience, remained as active as previous months.

Inside Facebook points out that the 18 to 44 age group is probably most likely to have paid attention to the privacy concerns.

However, this marked drop in active users could just be a blip: "It's not uncommon to see a saturated country like the US take a breather after a spurt of growth," Inside Facebook said.

It added: "Some unusually interesting demographic trends took place for the country in June that add to the overall growth number."