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Facebook Credits could become 'web currency'

Facebook Credits could become a legitimate means of paying for goods online

Facebook has begun working with web companies to allow them to use Facebook Credits to buy items and play games outside of the social network.

The scheme, which was announced through the official blog, could eventually see Facebook Credits become a universal web currency that can be used to replace conventional forms of online payment.

The social networking giant is testing the scheme with with social games company GameHouse.

Unified app experience

GameHouse will use Facebook credits to allow members to play games like Collapse! Blast and Uno on its own network as well as on, to offer a 'unified app experience'.

The blog post says: "We have begun working with a few developers to test the ability to offer Facebook Credits on websites, with the goal of helping them offer a more unified app experience to users beyond apps on Facebook. One early example is Collapse! Blast on

"At this time, we are focused on gathering early developer feedback. We will keep you posted as our tests continue. If you are interested in Facebook Credits for websites should we broaden the test, please sign up here."

Facebook will get 30 per cent of the proceeds according to the AllThingsD blog.

Via: AllThingsD