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Cybercriminals hack into Simon Cowell's PCs

Syco done by CyCrims?
Syco done by CyCrims?

It seems that Simon Cowell's company Syco has been the target of cybercriminals – who have reportedly managed to gain access to computers and lay their hands on Leona Lewis' hotly anticipated next single.

Cowell has already seen demo tracks from Leona and another X Factor winner, Alexandra Burke, surface mysteriously.

But the latest breach is the final version of a collaboration between Leona and Justin 'the trousersnake' Timberlake.


According to The Sun, an investigation has unveiled infections on the Syco PCs which could be responsible for the leaks.

The same red top suggests "dodgy file-sharing websites pay hackers top dollar for stolen tracks as they try to attract more downloaders to the site so they can rake in more money from advertisers".

Which of course is not particularly accurate – because P2P sites don't host the files but simply act as a search engine for people to find them, something any other rival site could also do.

Via The Sun

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