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Cyber-criminals can help to catch cyber-criminals

The battle against cyber-crime
The battle against cyber-crime

A senior police officer has suggested that the best way to compete against cybercrime is to work with those jailed for high-tech offences.

Detective Superintendent John Mooney, of the National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA), believes that online crime can only be countered effectively if past offenders help broaden the police's knowledge base.

Getting into fraud techniques

"We are behind, especially where technology is involved, and this will help us to chase that group. If a tactic was to get some of these people to sit down and explain their methods to us post conviction, I am quite sure that would help," said Mooney

"To look forward 10 years we also have to look back and ask some of these people, for example, how did you transform this credit card into a workable card?

"Everybody will benefit if we manage to get into some of this fraud technology because it will mean people pay less insurance."

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