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Chrome 'exceeding benchmark' says Google

Chrome – still battling for market share
Chrome – still battling for market share

Google's Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin have insisted that the Google Chrome browser is surpassing targets and admitted that there is a dire need for a finished Mac version of the software.

Speaking at a New York press conference, CEO Schmidt and Google's co-founder Brin were asked about Chrome not having the expected impact with consumers – a point that the duo did not agree with.

"Some of your premise about Chrome is incorrect, in terms of adoption, and we're going to get that message out," said Schmidt.

"It's actually exceeding our benchmarks," added Brin.

Sophisticated Mac market

Schmidt believes that the arrival of a finished Chrome for Macs will aid the browser – which is still battling for market share against the likes of the dominant Internet Explorer from Microsoft and Mozilla's Firefox.

"I see a lot of Macs in this room, and a lot of very sophisticated people are using Macs now and we need to get a version of Chrome out for that, which we'll have in a couple of months," added Schmidt.

"[The] key to browser strength is speed. In general, we announced Chrome OS and Chromium product. Everything is linked together: Cloud, chrome, etc."

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