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Channel 4 takes on LoveFilm with Film4oD

Film4oD - overdose on your favourite movies
Film4oD - overdose on your favourite movies

Channel 4 has announced that it has decided to jump into the movie-streaming game with its latest venture Film4oD.

The site is boasting over 500 movies and it is pricing its premium tiles at £3.99 a pop.

Film4oD does note that you can watch the movie you rent as many times as you want in the 48hr allotted time.

There are also a few special offers, which bring the price down to as little as 99p.

Film focus

There are a number of titles available and there's also a smattering of Film4 funded movies, like Nowhere Boy, on the site.

Film4 is claiming streamed movies will start in seconds once purchased, but you are unfortunately tied to watching them on a laptop or desktop for the time being.

LoveFilm has managed to get round this by offering its services through TV apps and it will soon be appearing on the PS3.

The new service is a tie-up with FilmFlex, which is owned by Sony and Disney, and is also what Virgin Media uses to bring its on-demand movie content.

Via the Guardian

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