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Cameron asks Twitter to move to London

Twitter coming down to London town?
Twitter coming down to London town?

Prime Minister David Cameron managed to fight his way through the student riots this week and bag himself a table with some of Twitter's biggest execs.

The meeting took place in London and consisted of Twitter delegates, including head of international strategy Katie Jacobs Stanton, and Boris Johnson.

The crux of the meeting was to see if Twitter would consider London as a base for its European endeavours.

More precisely, if Twitter would open up shop in what has been dubbed the Silicon Roundabout in London's Old Street.

Twitter London bound?

The Silicon Roundabout is meant to be the heart of the UK's dotcom boom – and no way a poor relation of Silicon Valley – so it seems like a decent place for Twitter to make its nest.

Although no deal was done, Ms Stanton did let slip on Twitter that she was smitten with Boris Johnson and co, saying: "Hugely impressed with PM Cameron @MayorOfLondon & the @Number10gov teams."

Twitter has said on record it is looking for a European HQ, noting, "we are considering London and other European locations to create an initial and small presence in 2011."

Marc Chacksfield

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