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Virgin Media Spotify partnership brings free premium subs

Virgin Media Spotify partnership brings free premium subs
Free music all 'round... as long as you're a new or renewing VM customer, of course

Virgin Media has finally outlined the first wave of its Spotify-flavoured offers, including six- and three-month premium subscriptions with its broadband and Virgin Mobile deals respectively.

What's more, the company is promising no extra data charges when you use Spotify from a Virgin Mobile.

Although the deals are only open to new Virgin Media customers (or those renewing their contracts), the offer can be amalgamated with your existing Spotify account – so even if you're already paying for Spotify, you'll get your free months.

Like a Virgin

And that's not all for the Virgin Media/Spotify love-in; there'll be more offers coming to other Virgin Media bundles soon.

App fans will be pleased to hear that Virgin Media also plans to release a Tivo app for Spotify too, which it reckons will "bring Spotify to the living room" by allowing you to play music from a premium account through you home cinema system .

No official release date for the app yet, but it should reach your TiVo account in the next few weeks.

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