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BitTorrent and Madonna join forces to stick it to the man

Madonna and BitTorrent
Free speech never looked so dramatic...

In a strange partnership not many saw coming, BitTorrent and Madonna have teamed up for a film about, what else, free speech.

Specifically Madonna will be using BitTorrent to freely distribute a short David Klein-directed film titled "secretprojectrevolution" - which will serve as a precursor to Madonna's new online project Art for Freedom (where she asks the world to submit various multimedia pieces protesting "global intolerance").

OK, so maybe a duet isn't too surprising considering Madonna is all about "expressing yourself" and BitTorrent's latest project, BitTorrent Bundles for Publishers, allows artists control over their own content.

Plus, it doesn't hurt to work with big names to help promote the fact that the site is trying to show it's "not a force for evil."

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