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Are movie stars facing Twitter gags?

The whale knows when to keep quiet
The whale knows when to keep quiet

If you're following your favourite movie star in the hopes of getting peeks into the latest movies or gossip then you may fine your heroes unusually muted.

That's because, as rumour has it, actors' contracts are now coming complete with Twitter clauses, ensuring that they are contractually obliged not to spill the online beans.

According to Mashable, two of those handed the clause are Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz, whose Shrek deals were not supportive of 140 character gossip.

Gagging order

Now, neither actor has responded to the talk, but clauses to stop spoilers and leaks are nothing new.

So, with movies stars beginning to find themselves bound to secrecy, how long before Premiership footballers like Darren Bent are given Twittergags (TM)?

Patrick Goss

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