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Apple iCloud UK release date announced

Apple iCloud UK release date announced
iClouds are drawing in

Apple has finally announced the iCloud UK release date, with the cloud-based service entering UK air space on 12 October, the same as the iOS 5 launch.

First announced back at WWDC in June, iCloud replaces MobileMe, and brings a host of new functionality with it.

Not only will you be able to store your data online and find or remotely disable a missing handset, iCloud will allow you to keep data on all your iOS and Mac devices nicely synced up, including contacts and documents.

Syncing ship

What's more, it offers Photo Stream – this sees pictures synced and shared using push technology; so if you take a picture on your iPhone, it will be uploaded to iCloud automatically so you can access it on any other device.

Apple's iCloud UK pricing is based in tiers; a basic package won't cost you a penny and gives you 5GB of online storage.

For an additional 10GB you'll pay £14 a year, 20GB extra is £28 a year while 50GB of extra space will be £70 per annum.

Also announced today: the iPhone 4S, Apple's incremental update to the iPhone 4.

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