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Amazon's cloud storage expanding rapidly

Amazon's cloud storage expanding rapidly
Fire is a good example of Amazon's steady move to the cloud

Amazon's latest statistics show a marked increase in the use of its cloud storage, as the concept of keeping your data online begins to go mainstream.

Amazon's S3 service (simple storage service) has apparently doubled the amount of objects in its servers since the turn of the year.

That has seen 2010's final total of 262 billion objects to the current level at more than 566 billion. That's a lot of objects.

Major player

The internet giant has been a major player in cloud storage – spotting the potential of the market early and making a name for itself with the likes of S3 and EC2.

With a burgeoning hardware business generated by the Kindle, the cloud storage capacity means that the company can do some very cool things with its devices.

That includes the Silk browser on the forthcoming Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, which taps into the cloud to ease the burden on the device itself.

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