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3D World - new website launches

3D World unveils new site
3D World unveils new site

3D World – part of the TechRadar network - has just launched its brand-new website.

3D World magazine is designed for computer graphic artists and hobbyists working with 3D applications.

It covers the fields of animation, VFX, games, illustration and architecture.

Graphic content

And now the folks at 3D World have created a new website which compliments the mag.

The site showcases the best artwork, short films and commercial projects around.

The launch of the website kicks off with a detailed 'making of Avatar' feature to coincide with the release of the Blu-ray Collectors' Edition of the movie.

You will also find a load of industry news, plus tips and tutorials.

If you're interested in movie special effects and the art of CG, pop in and take a look around at