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Instagram now supports app-based two-factor authentication


You can now secure Instagram account with two-factor login using third-party apps like Google Authenticator. This means that, as well as your password, you'll need to enter an app-generated code each time you want to log into your account.

This helps ensure your account isn't compromised if Instagram ever falls foul of a data breach. It also helps you avoid account breaching via phishing attacks.

Instagram has supported two-factor authentication via SMS since 2016, but researchers have proved that it's alarmingly easy to intercept text messages using known vulnerabilities in the telecoms system.

Who's there?

To turn on two-factor authentication, tap the menu button in the Instagram app (for iPhone or Android), open your profile, tap the menu button, select 'Settings', scroll down to 'Two-factor authentication' and select 'Get started'.

It's also possible to use a code generated by the Instagram app to set up two-factor authentication using a verification app installed on another device. To do this, tap 'Set up manually'.

Via The Verge

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