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If you want to see features smartphone manufacturers will introduce in 2019, look at phones made by Huawei in 2017/2018

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If there is one phone manufacturer that could be singled out for producing the best phones over the past few months, it would be Huawei. It is easy to see why Huawei won multiple awards from TechRadar Middle East including the best phone and the best camera phone. Huawei produces phones with features and technologies that other manufacturers adopt in their upcoming smartphones. 

Let's highlight some of the innovations made by Huawei over the last few months.

7nm processor

Huawei was the first company in the industry to announce a 7nm based chipset- the Kirin 980. It was also the first company to ship an Android phone with a 7nm processor which was the highly successful Mate 20 Pro released in October of last year. 

We will see plenty of Android phones based on 7nm chipsets released this year but owners of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro have enjoyed the performance of these next-generation chipsets for a few months already.

Punch hole technology

Last year's trend in screens was the notch while this year, the notch is replaced by a very small cut-out in the screen known as the punch hole. Not only was Huawei amongst the first to introduce this technology, it did it in a right way. 

Instead of applying a screen damaging “through hole” technology, Huawei chose to put the camera under the LCD screen with the smallest cut-out in the industry.

Triple cameras

Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei introduced a triple rear camera setup with the P20 that was released in the spring on 2018. That phone broke all records for mobile photography and was selected as the best camera phone by TechRadar. 

Huawei further enhanced the triple camera setup with the Mate 20 Pro by introducing an ultra-wide lens on the back along with the main 40MP sensor and the telephoto lens fixed at the industry leading 3X optical zoom. Expect similar setups in competing flagship phones this year- almost one year after Huawei introduced this technology.


AI is the buzz word in the industry with phone manufacturers scrambling to adopt this feature into their phones. But Huawei had the insight to see AI becoming an integral part of the phone experience and had it introduced on its Kirin 970 chipset that debuted with the Mate 10 Pro way back in 2017. Let that sink in- what other manufacturers are trying to figure out in 2019 was already introduced by Huawei back in 2017.

Reverse wireless charging

Although phones have supported wireless charging, Huawei was the first tier-one manufacturer to introduce reverse wireless charging on their phones with the Mate 20 Pro. 

This feature allows you to charge other devices wirelessly and is very forward thinking as we move to a future with seamless connectivity and wireless support in peripherals. Expect other phone manufacturers to follow with this feature in their upcoming smartphones.


The one thing that's completely clear is that Huawei is leading with innovation when it comes to smartphones. If you want to get an idea of features that next generation phones will introduce this year, buy a Huawei phone already available today. 

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But if you want to see where the industry will follow, look towards the next high-end flagship which is expected to be announced on the 26th of March.