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Huawei's 'truly foldable' smartphone might launch as soon as November

Huawei is reportedly planning to launch its long rumored foldable smartphone in November. If true, Huawei could be the first OEM to have a truly foldable smartphone in their line-up. 

SamsungLenovoSonyLG, and Apple all appear to be sketching out plans for a truly foldable phone, but it seems like Huawei could be the one to claim that coveted 'world's first' title.

The reports come from Korean publication ETNews, which claims sources with direct knowledge of Huawei's plans, shared the information.

The sources suggest that the foldable handset is under development, and the company is aiming at November launch, while also claiming that Huawei has recently signed NDA terms with suppliers.

Not on sale until 2019

The phone could be showcased in November, but apparently it won’t go on sale until the company receives feedback. 

Huawei will most likely incorporate the suggested changes and then release the final model, which means it may not actually be available until 2019.

Sources also told ETNews that the phone will most likely feature LG’s OLED display, which LG has been long experimenting with.

Via: Slashgear

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