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Huawei Petal Search offers one more way of getting apps on new Huawei phones

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Since the launch of the P40 Series, Huawei is doing its best to allow its users every possible way to enjoy all the apps Android has to offer. While Huawei continues to add new apps to its store App Gallery, it also also offering ways for users to download apps that are currently not present in its app store. 

The latest solution to give Huawei users easy access to their old trusted apps is an app called Huawei Petal Search. Easily placed as a widget on your home screen, it will search for the apps that you enter, both in the AppGallery and beyond.

How does Huawei Petal Search work?

Powered by the Petal search engine, Huawei Petal Search is aimed towards new Huawei phones that use Huawei Mobile Services instead of Google Mobile Services and thus, don't have the Google Play Store installed.

Downloadable through the Huawei App Gallery, the Huawei Petal Search widget shows up as a search bar on your home page and you simply type in the name of the app you want to search or install.

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The search bar works much like the one in the Google Play Store. You enter the name of an app (or a category) and the widget will open a menu with the best search results. These results are a mix between official websites, APK websites and the Huawei AppGallery. Between all these options, you should hopefully find the app you need.

Depending on the search result, there is also an Install button next to it that downloads the app directly from the Petal Search menu.

In addition to apps, you can also use this widget for general searches that you would perform on Google. Petal Search uses search engines Qwant and Yandex, which means that it can search the entire internet just like Google.

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