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Apple TV to hit a million sales this week

Apple TV - 1 million sales
Apple TV - 1 million sales

Apple has announced that its Apple TV will hit its millionth sale this week – despite lukewarm reviews for the company's media streaming offering.

The new Apple TV was announced on 1 September by Steve Jobs, but the UK offering was let down by a lack of content and the pricing of shows available.

However, that has not hampered global sales – with one million units sold according to the Cupertino-based company.

1 million units

"Apple today announced that it expects sales of its new Apple TV to top one million units later this week, stated Apple's press release.

"The new Apple TV offers the simplest way to watch your favorite HD movies and TV shows, stream content from Netflix, YouTube, Flickr and MobileMe, all on your HD TV for the breakthrough price of just $99.

"iTunes users are now renting and purchasing over 400,000 TV episodes and over 150,000 movies per day."

The $99 price tag translated to £99 in the UK – a significant hike considering the service on offer was considerably less rounded.

TechRadar's Apple TV review gave the product just three stars – criticising the lack of a 1080p Full HD output, but praising the reduced size of the set top box.

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