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Seagate launches GoFlex Cinema media drive

Seagate launches GoFlex Cinema media drive
Seagate's GoFlex Cinema drive - inspiring looks

Seagate's GoFlex Cinema drive has made its debut today, with the high capacity drives offering plenty of room for all your digital files.

You'll be able to store more than a couple of Hollywood blockbusters on the devices, which come in 1TB, 2TB and 3TB capacities, then enjoy them in 1080p HD quality playback on your TV (provided the original was good enough quality).

The GoFlex Cinema Drives support MKV, H.264 and MP4, as well as being able to handle still images by connecting your digital camera direct to the box.

GoFlex your muscles

If you're living in a multi-OS household, never fear: the drives are compatible with both Windows and Mac OSX, and you can flip back and forth between the two.

It might not be quite as convenient as streaming - the GoFlex Cinema Drive doesn't come with any kind of internet connection, wired or not - but at least you can keep your media library in one handy place right by the TV.

No word on an official UK release date yet, but the GoFlex Cinema Drive will be coming to Europe. Pricing has been announced in Euros - €99 (£87) for 1TB, €129 (£113) for 2TB and €179 (£157) for 3TB.

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