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ViewSonic shows off its short-throw projector

ViewSonic has announced it is the latest manufacturer to launch a short-throw projector range, with the arrival of the PJD5351.

The projector uses DLP technology, boasts 2500 ANSI lumens and has a 2400:1 contrast ratio.

Essentially this means if you only have around one metre of space in your home then you can project a nice and bright 50-inch image onto a wall.

Other features include digital zoom and manual focus, and connectivity comes in the form of dual RGB, composite and S-Video inputs.

Entry level

If you would rather have a full-scale projector, the ViewSonic is also offering a portable entry-level projector, labeled the PJD5111.

At 2.3kg, it's very light for its type, and it comes equipped with 800 x 600 SVGA resolution, 2,500 lumens and a contrast ratio of 2,800:1.

Connections on the PJD5111 include dual RGB inputs, RGB output, composite S-Video and audio in/outputs.

The short-throw PJD5351 will be in the shops in June, while the entry-level PJD5111 is available at the tail-end of May. Prices are to be confirmed.

Marc Chacksfield is the Editor In Chief, at DC Thomson. He started out life as a movie writer for numerous (now defunct) magazines and soon found himself online - editing a gaggle of gadget sites, including TechRadar, Digital Camera World and Tom's Guide UK. At Shortlist you'll find him mostly writing about movies and tech, so no change there then.