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LoveFilm for the PS3 available now

LoveFilm now on the PlayStation 3
LoveFilm now on the PlayStation 3

PlayStation users can now get LoveFilm on their PS3s, thanks to a new app for the service appearing on the XMB.

Announced originally back in October, the LoveFilm app allows subscribers to watch movies through the PS3, as long as they are on the 5.99 (without games) package or higher.

This is a major step for LoveFilm who has been looking to increase its dominance in the movie-streaming market.

A LoveFilm app has already appeared on web connected Samsung and Sony TVs, but the PS3 is by far the most popular device the service has landed on.

You shouldn't need to download anything for the LoveFilm app to appear. If it is not there on your XMB, then turn your PS3 on and off again (seriously).

Streaming limits

If you are on a £5.99 package then this is considered 'light use' so there is a limit to the amount of movie watching you can do.

Those who have the £9.99 package, though, can watch as many online movies as they like.

At launch there is 2,000 movie titles available to stream and they should all work fine on a 2Mbps or more broadband connection.

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