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Sonos iPad app offers greater music control

Sonos is soon to launch an iPad application for its wireless home entertainment system.

The app – to be released in late August – will be available alongside the company's iPhone app for free.

The user interface continues Sonos' theme from the CR200 controller, but with some tweaks to take advantage of the iPad's larger screen, such as being able to drag tracks from a playlist to the 'now playing' pane.

In the zone

In landscape view, the app displays a list of speaker zones, music directories on the user's network attached storage or PC, album art and media controls.

Access to streamed music from Last FM and Napster - as well as thousands of radio stations - is also visible on the one screen and users can also set a sleep timer and alarm function within the app.

The iPad application offers more functionality and a significantly larger screen over Sonos' £279 CR200 controller, which seems to be becoming a little redundant considering the number of iOS devices being sold.