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Dynamo subwoofer rocks the world of hi-fi

MartinLogan's £500 Dynamo is a compact and flexible beast for both music and movie fans

After some initial scepticism, audiophiles are now 'switching on' to subwoofers, and one new model destined to grab music lovers' attention is the new Dynamo from MartinLogan.

The US brand is, of course, best known for its high-end electrostatic panels, which makes this £499 subwoofer seem incredibly tempting.

Best in class?

A spokesperson for the American giant said: "MartinLogan's Dynamo active subwoofer sets new standards for bass extension, power and detail at the price".

The specs are undoubtedly impressive - the compact sub delivers 200 watts of power via a 10-inch (250mm) aluminium-cone driver and has a number of innovative features.

Users can select between a front-firing or downward-firing configuration, depending on how the sub is used, and enjoy the special filtering system, which is said to offer an extremely accurate low-frequency response.

200 watts RMS

Thanks to MartinLogan's advanced switching amp technology, the Dynamo can produce a true 200 watts (continuous) it is claimed.

Its simultaneous connectivity options - both LFE and line-level inputs have separate settings - enable precise optimisation for both home cinema and stereo music playback in the same system.