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Axiom bass box fit for smaller rooms

You can see how small the EP400 is by comparing it to two of its Axiom Audio stablemates. The EP400 is in the middle

US hi-fi speaker company Axiom Audio has launched a new compact subwoofer designed for smaller rooms.

The EP400 DSP active sub combines a 500W amplifier with an 8-inch long throw woofer to deliver bass down to 23Hz (20Hz is the lower limit of human hearing). Yet the box is only around the same size as a compact speaker, according to the company. It measures 266mm (w) x 349mm (h) x 422mm (d).

Key to the EP400's performance - Axiom says - is the presence of a digital signal processing (DSP) chip that manages to deliver 116dB (that's aircraft taking-off loud), while at the same time delivering smooth, tuneful bass.

Axiom says the EP400 is ideal for use as a bass generator for classical and rock music as well as movie soundtracks.

The sub is available in four different finishes for £774, including delivery, VAT and customs charges. Axiom offers a 30-day return policy if you're not satisfied with your purchase.