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Denon unveils 3D Blu-ray player line-up

Denon embraces 3D Blu-ray
Denon embraces 3D Blu-ray

While 3D broadcasting is still some time away, those of you with shiny new 3D televisions will soon be able to watch Blu-rays in the third dimension, thanks to Denon.

The high-end Hi-Fi manufacture has added two new Blu-ray players to its range, both of which are 3D compatible.

The £399 DBP-1611UD and £599 DBP-2011UD house 1GB memory for BD Live content and will also link up to YouTube so you can watch streamed content through the machines.

Anything goes

As with all Denon kit, audio technology is at the forefront of the 1611UD and 2011UD, with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio HDMI output.

The two new models also feature an Ethernet port to take advantage of internet services like BD live, as well as networking capabilities and a high quality 24-bit/192kHz audio digital to analog converter inside.

The DBP-2011UD and DBP-1611UD have a UK release August and September respectively.