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Cineworld offering Aviator 3D specs

Aviators - now in 3D
Aviators - now in 3D

Cineworld is giving some of its customers the chance of watching 3D movies in a little more style, with the cinema chain selling Aviator style passive glasses.

From today, visitors to Crawley, Didsbury, Glasgow Renfrew, Milton Keynes, Sheffield and Wandsworth Cineworld cinemas will be able to purchase 3D specs that aren't quite so reminiscent of the Blues Brothers.

And, people who already wear glasses will be delighted to know that clip-on versions are available as well.

£13 to stylish

The glasses will cost £13 or £4 for the clip ons, and will allow you to sit smugly in 3D cinemas mocking those poor bespectacled peers that haven't got your sartorial elegance.

Head of Cineworld Marketing Communications, Luke Roberts comments, "We're really excited to be the first cinema chain in the UK to offer our customers a trendy way of enjoying 3D films.

"For our more fashion focused customers, we hope that the 3D aviator glasses offer them an on-trend eye wear option at the cinema."

On-trend 3D eyeware – who'd a thunk it?

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