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Here's more evidence Samsung's Galaxy X foldable phone is real

Samsung’s fabled flexible phone, rumored to be called Samsung Galaxy X, may have recently shown its first sign of movement. 

While originally expected to launch right about now, the phone’s model number, SM-G888, has only recently appeared in a filing from the Korean National Radio Research Agency (NRRA), according to LetsGoDigital

Interestingly, the same filing appends an “N0” to the model number, which LetsGoDigital points out indicates the phone will be released in South Korea. 

But given the buzz around the iPhone X, Samsung’s X phone is almost guaranteed to make a global-sized splash. 

When can you fold it yourself?

Of course, it’s tough to tell if this model number belongs to the bendable phone that we’ve ruminated on the past few years. But given the recent bubbling of activity, it’s not outside the realm of possibilities that the prototype-turned-final product could be on schedule for its (hopefully early) 2018 landfall.

If this model number does indeed belong to the pocketable phone, we expect it to show up at the NRRA’s US equivalent, the FCC, for a filing. And as we’ve seen most recently with the Google Pixel 2, popping up there is a good sign that a release is near.

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