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Here are the best iPhone and iPad apps and games of 2017, according to Apple

With the year nearly done Apple has picked out what it thinks are the best apps and games of 2017 in the Middle East, highlighting one app and one game for iPhone and the same for iPad.

On the iPhone front Enlight Videoleap won app of the year. This is a video editing app that lets you mix videos and images together to create double exposures and artistic looks.

Splitters Critters is the iPhone game of the year. This is a puzzle game that involves splitting and rearranging the game world in order to guide the eponymous critters back to their spaceship.

On iPad the app of the year is Affinity Photo - a feature-packed photo editing tool, while the iPad game of the year is The Witness, which sees you navigate an open world, solving puzzles. 

AR is trendy

Apple has highlighted new trends and the apps that  best show them off. For example, augmented reality is a highlighted  trend, and within that Apple points to IKEA Place.

Top picks from music and movies

Apple has also published its top picks from Apple Music where Ed Sheehan topped album of the year with “÷” while Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” got top song honors. Amr Diab’s album “معدي الناس” has shot up to #3 on the 2017 Arab World top album charts. 

And finally, coming to movies, “Moana,” was the top movie of the year followed by “Trolls” and “The Boss Baby.” 

You’ll  find the full list on the App Store along with longer lists of the top  paid and free apps and games of 2017. If you wanted to stock up on apps  and games for the holidays this is a good place to start, though we’ve  also curated our own lists of the best iPhone apps, best iPhone games, best iPad apps and best iPad games.