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i-Mate launches media streamer and PC

The X-Stream Digital Media Hub is an LCD TV that runs Windows Vista Ultimate

Windows Vista Media Center PCs have started to appear, but surely none are quite as snazzy as this. The X-Stream Digital Media Hub from i-Mate is an LCD TV that runs Windows Vista Ultimate . That's the upmarket version of Vista with Media Center built in.

It has a 500GB hard drive, and support for high definition video, with resolutions up to 1080i - although sadly not 1080p.

The company has also announced an X-Stream Dock. Similar to a Media Center extender or any other streaming device, this can stream content to a TV so you can access media from your living room - rather like the Apple TV, Netgear EVA8000 or D-Link DSM-750 MediaLounge.

Intriguingly, this box can also work as a thin client, powered by your main PC.

i-Mate also unveiled a range of Windows Mobile 6-sporting smartphones at last week's 3GSM in Barcelona.


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