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Full HDTV hits the small(est) screen

Sharp's 32-inch LC-32GS10/20 LCD TV is 1080p capable

By now, most of us good little consumers are probably aware of what to look for in a large, high-definition television set. The key is in the numbers - 1,080 lines of progressive resolution is generally considered to be 'full' HDTV. With certain exceptions anything less, such as the '720' label you'll find on many TVs over the 40-inch mark, isn't really up to scratch.

However, at the smaller end of the scale there are caveats, as the most compact LCD TVs all display images using 720 lines simply because their screen size makes anything sharper redundant - you won't be able to tell the difference anyway. Until now, that is - as of this week, Sharp 's popular Aquos range of LCDs now includes a 1080p-rated 32-inch model.

The 280,000 Yen (£1,220) LC-32GS10/20 is a very well-equipped television set, with two HDMI ports and a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, but the price premium just for the sake of that full HD label seems excessive. Unless you have the eyes of a hawk, you're better off buying a regular 32-inch screen or getting a 40-inch set where you can actually see the benefit of those 1080-lines of progressive resolution. J Mark Lytle