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Google's engineers are working on a scrollable tab strip for Chrome

Google Chrome's developers are working on a scrollable strip that will give each browser tab more room, making them easier to identify and click.

Currently, tabs in Chrome become progressively smaller the more you open, until there's only a favicon visible for each one. Chrome engineer Peter Kasting revealed that the new feature is currently in development in a discussion on Reddit started by a Chrome user tired of having to click on such tiny tabs. 

"Scrollable tabstrip is in the works," Kasting said. "In the meantime, try using Shift-clicking and Ctrl-clicking to select multiple tabs at once, then drag out to separate windows to group tabs by window."

Keeping tabs

Other browsers use different methods of managing multiple tabs. In Firefox opening too many tabs for the available space creates small left and right buttons so you can scroll through them, while Vivaldi lets you create 'tab groups' that can be minimized and expanded.

Another option is to keep tabs under control using a plugin like Tab Wrangler, which closes inactive tabs automatically after a certain period of time. It sounds drastic, but you can lock certain tabs so they remain open, and add sites to a whitelist so that they're never closed automatically. 

Via Android Police

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