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Xbox One will get its mega Windows 10 makeover in 10 days

Xbox One November Update
Xbox One November Update

Starting November 12 the Xbox One will be a very different system.

The long-awaited autumn update which rearranges the Xbox One's UI, adds backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 titles and speeds up the system is almost here.

Xbox One evangelist Major Nelson released a new video on his blog today explaining the changes in detail, spending a good deal of time looking at the shortcuts of the new, very Windows 10-esque interface.

Overall the system will now be more focused on the games and apps you recently played, listing them in descending order on the home screen, as well as the communities behind them. It will do the latter by including "game hubs," community areas that feature videos, screenshots and achievements from your friends and top players, below each title.

It's also going to take less time to get to the most accessed apps - your profile, friends, party, messages, settings and snap - by slotting them into the new Xbox One guide.

Add to that backwards compatibility that Microsoft promised on-stage at this year's E3, and it should make for sizable improvement over the Xbox One's current feature set.

Nick Pino

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