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Xbox One and PS4: TechRadar's half term report

Xbox One and PS4: TechRadar's half term review
Xbox one or PS4? It's clash of the titans

The Xbox One and PS4 continue to battle it out for the hearts of gamers, and while there's much to be praised about both consoles, they still have us feeling a bit "meh" right now.

Yes, the Xbox One has the potential to be the media hub your living room has been waiting for and yes, the PS4 is the no-nonsense system that's all about the games. But we'd be lying if we said either has managed to blow us away quite yet.

Part of this is down to games. Killzone: Shadow Fall might have us drooling over its pretty graphics and there's certainly some fun to be had in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, but so far nothing has given us enough reason to go out and sink our cash on the consoles.

In this week's Gaming Spotlight, Patrick Goss and Hugh Langley deliver their half-term report on the PS4 and Xbox One to discuss what we want to see in 2014 and the games that could win us over to the next generation of console gaming.